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Debt Leads

The average American household with a credit card carries nearly $11,000 in credit card debt. Leads123.com powers your debt settlement business by generating highly motivated Debt Settlement Leads through online search campaigns. Consumers are proactively searching for help with debt settlement when they find one of our consumer websites. Each record consists of over 7 fields of information – including amount of debt, email and contact information. Whether you are looking for a semi-exclusive or exclusive Debt Settlement Lead, we have Debt Leads that close for your debt marketing campaign!

Pricing - Debt Leads

Real time Debt Leads

Exclusive Debt Leads = $35.00 each, minimum $10K debt (close 6-10%!)
Non-Exclusive Debt Leads (sold up to 3x) = $15 each, minimum $10K debt (close 4-6%)

Cherry picked Debt Leads (1-30 days old)

$5.00 - $15.00 depending upon age of lead

Debt Aged Data (30+ days old)

$1.50 per record

Hot Transfer Debt Leads

$55.00 per call

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Sample Debt Lead

Lead ID 21412 Debt Amount 15000
Name Thomas Jefferson Comments Please help
State NY    
Primary Phone 914 - 555 - 5555    
Email Address thomasjeff@msn.com    
Best time to contact Afternoon    
First Name 
Last Name 
Phone --
What types of leads will you be purchasing?
loan modification debt student loan
refinance tax credit repair
Sales Representative
How many leads per day?

About Leads123

The Wisdom Companies is a premier provider of targeted online marketing services. The company streamlines the client acquisition process by matching targeted consumers with top service providers.


Every lead is backed by our industry leading guarantee. Unlike other lead sites, you'll never pay for a bad name or a bad phone number!